Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Little In Love With You, Auckland

Can you blame us?  Auckland put on her most brilliant blue yesterday for our arrival pre-dawn. It was only later we realized she was wearing summer clothes! 78 degrees F out on the wharf.
Flat white (pre-slurped in desperation) from the next-door carryout,
my first in NZ, where it may have been invented

Earlier we ran the gauntlet of security/agricultural stations at the airport, softened considerably by the working dogs. No pix, but a young beagle just learning her trade sniffed out the specter of some fruit I'd finished on board the flight. Her handler asked if I'd had fruit, and then asked permission to let her charge further sniff the outside of my pack.

The pup got a confirming signal from her handler (good dog--you found fruit), and we're reminded why these beautiful animals are the best PR any airport could ask for.

The handler's other working dog

We're staying at the Barclay Suites right in the center of town, steps away from the harbor. Small apartments with kitchen and washer/dryer--just what we need. Thanks to Rob for finding this splendid place with a view of the spire in one direction and the harbor in the other from the tiny balconies.

The harbor was directly where we headed after settling in. A crisp salad of greens and an exquisite piece of John Dory and we're feeling alive again after the overnight flight.

Today, more local exploring...


  1. Wow, it looks wonderful! Enjoy the flat whites. I'm ordering it now at Starbucks...for $1 more. PK

  2. PK, flat whites were made for my coffee prefs. Let me know how you like it.