Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Moeraki

Moeraki just gets better and better. I'm fond of saying you can't know a place until you've walked it. Flying past in a car or train just doesn't open your eyes to the smaller wonders. And so it was Saturday, on another perfectly clear day.

This abundant bloomer has spiky violet-purple flowers that smell faintly of lilac.

What's that funky shack around the bend? Turns out it's Fleur's Place.

One restaurant in town (aside from the food they serve at the tavern), and what a place it is. Menu aside, though it's the heart and soul of Fleur's Place, the interior and exterior are built from "gathered collectables and demolition materials from all over New Zealand."

There's Art and there's Fleur

Fleur told me she started this restaurant to encourage people to eat a range of fish they might not otherwise try, offloaded directly from Moeraki Bay boats into her kitchen.

The QoFWs catches up on local news

Fleur's was filling up with Saturday late-lunchers when we departed, and the food looked luscious.

Rounding the bend outside Fleur's, the path to The Lookout.

Up and up we trudged, remembering to look behind as the harbor shrank.

 Higher still

On the other side, pastureland and more water. It must be true what they say about NZ: you're never more than 100K from the ocean.

Art thought this building site looked just fine. I had my eye on that container. Move it stage right, cut a few windows...

Steak for lunch. Fleur's for fish tomorrow...

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