Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weather With You

Weather music with the Finn Brothers...
Headlines tell the story here, happily grounded in Balclutha NZ for another day.

Icy roads to Dunedin, with some roads closed, made our decision easy. The temps rose mid-afternoon, but more predicted for tonight.
Reading I Saw A Man, by poet and playwright Owen Sheers, who writes beautifully.

Breakfast today: greens, sweet potatoes, leftover chicken and veggies

We made the most of our extra snow day with a food shopping expedition, pausing for a (strong) flat white.

While nibbling, we met a smart physician from Montana, here for three years doing rural medicine.

Then it was time for sprucing because...we're looking a little road weary. (Chicago hair tenders extraordinaire Mary Ellen and Nancy: if you're reading, we miss you!). Hard to believe the town of Balclutha (pop. 3918) can support five salons. And that the first three we checked were too busy to take us.

Just in time, too, since I took a dull pair of kitchen shears to my annoying bangs Wednesday morning. Happily, this young lovely got me all fixed up. AND we tipped, even though that link I posted yesterday said not to tip haircutters. Both were absolutely delighted. So there.

If the weather gods are with us, we'll be writing you tomorrow from Dunedin or beyond. The weather, the weather with you...

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