Thursday, July 9, 2015

Otago Peninsula/Dunedin

Rainy day Thursday, but with temps hovering around 4C (39F) we were more than ready to leave Blaclutha and hit the non-icy road to Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula. (Trouble viewing click here.)

This newspaper photo of Dunedin Wednesday made us even happier with our decision not to leave yesterday. NZ lays down grit, not salt, when roads are icy, certainly a better environmental choice, but no snow plows, apparently.

Waves of pounding rain continued after we'd arrived, but, undaunted, we found a lunch restaurant in a local brochure, and with the lure of seafood chowder set out along this northern shore of the peninsula. Even in the grey gloom, it was lovely.

The rolling hills of the peninsula border the beautiful Otago Harbour on one side and tumble into the rugged Pacific Ocean on the other. It is home to wildlife such as the Royal Albatross in their only mainland breeding ground in the world, seal colonies and little blue penguins.

This area looks like a summer place, both of us thought as we drove. Homes in the hills, but very few actual towns. Here's one, called Portobello, and this is almost all of it.

The ipad, so helpful negotiating city streets, took us all the way up the winding Otago Harbor Road to a nonexistent locale. Hmm. Sometimes I do like my maps. We drove back through Portobello, where the actual restaurant we were seeking sat happily closed (it's winter--and this is a summer place). At the only cafe open, broccoli-bleu cheese soup and a hamburger were most welcome.

The sun made a valiant attempt while we ate. Let your imagination color in what this must look like in the sun.

On the return, it did peek out long enough to make a rainbow, pot of gold right here for certain, but long day, friends. Perhaps the picture will become clearer tomorrow.

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