Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rakiura/Stewart Island

Winds down from 50 knots Tuesday to 15 on Wednesday, we flew.

The only restaurant open during these winter months is at the South Seas Hotel, right on the harbor.

Chowder time.

Oban, also called Halfmoon Bay, is the sole town on Rakiura.

The island has 25km of roads and 245 km of walking tracks--good arithmetic. The Department of Conservation hut has all the specifics.

We walked for a couple hours this afternoon, in thick verdant forests.

Skirted the shoreline on the way to lookout rock.

Much is vertical here!

Back to Halfmoon Bay in time for the west sun.

Aye, ye could be a fisherman

Tonight, stepping outside, the perfect absence of sound.

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