Friday, July 24, 2015

Queenstown: Carly Jumps Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane

Free day in Queenstown Friday--woo hoo! Here's a guest post from Carly...

I knew I wanted to skydive on our free day in Qtown. Perfect weather--no clouds, no wind, and sunny. Here's my tandem instructor and me ready to go up.

He asked if I wanted to flip right after leaving the plane and I said yes. Most poeple sit on the edge of the plane and just sort of fall out.

The flip

Over NZ's longest lake, Lake Wakatipu, stretching its turquoise length in the distance.

At left, the mountains called The Remarkables. The cameraman jumped separately to get these pix.

The chute opens.

We landed with feet straight out on our bums.

Best day ever!


  1. Please tell Carly that Dan and I loved her entry and the pics - what a thrill on the perfect day!

  2. Hi Carly,

    Was this your first jump ever? Re exiting the aircraft, in addition to the “flip right” and “fall out” options, was there a “get pushed out” one? You don’t appear to be screaming during your descent and even look happy. What an exciting way to enjoy the NZ landscape! Cute instructor.

  3. Sev: Carly asked me to tell you this was her second jump.