Friday, July 28, 2017

Are You Really Lost in Temuka?

Art and I were standing in the sunshine on the main street reading a map of Temuka given to us at the campground. A couple of people walked up laughing nicely and said: are you really lost in Temuka? We laughed too.

With a population of 4000, this dairy and sheep farming town is small, but has a surprisingly well-equipped main street. We're spending a couple of days camping here as we head north.

Breakfast: Whitestone cheese, apples, mushrooms, greens

We were checking the map for the New World grocery store, because we never miss a chance to buy food. Here's a store feature you don't see everywhere. The box has a spritzer so it's always raining on those mussels. Kudos to those who can figure out in their head how much the mussels cost per pound.

When I approach a fish counter I always order by number of pieces, as in "four pieces of sole." 600 grams OK?, the clerk is bound to ask as she weighs it out, and I just nod and smile.

Out in the grocery hallway is the notice board. You can grasp a bit of a town's nature from what's posted. These guys look like they might be having more fun than the kids...and I guess that's the point.

I have never heard of a comedy hypnotist. Does he put you in a trance and make you laugh at his jokes?

I liked the drawing accompanying this notice.

We walked to the Temuka Pottery shop, producing since the 1930s.

The clerk in the shop was truly excited about a new purchase: an Anglican church she and her contractor husband plan to live in/add on to, the altar to be turned into a dining table for 12 (ha--we laughed. Heresy?). Our kind of living space.

Adjoining the pottery shop is the 100% Homemade Cafe, where Art decided on chowder in a bread bowl. Virtually everyone we speak to asks us where we're from, how long we're staying, and whether we're enjoying NZ.

It was a brilliant blue, warm sunny day after a frost last night. We will see you down the road...

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