Monday, July 10, 2017

Snapshots From Dunedin

Yesterday I actually wrote out a list: new shoes, vitamin C, post office, organic food shop, bookshop, flat white, contact lens solution. We're in the city of Dunedin (pop. 120,000), a UNESCO City of Literature with its 130-year-old University of Otago, lively arts and food scene, and everywhere-you-look architectural delights (click here for a run-down).

Plus it lies at the edge of the ocean, its urban swagger gently tapering off onto the Otago Peninsula (more here), a wild place with NZ's only castle, an albatross center...and a campground we'll be heading toward tomorrow.

We stocked up here on some fine organic produce and meats, including the lamb shanks at the end of this post.

Walking Dunedin is a delight and everywhere a place to point the camera.

Will I get lucky at this Macpac store in finding the Ahnu shoes my feet have come to love? I got my first pair at an Auckland Macpac in 2015.

These two (on a sign inside the store) look like they're having fun.

Goodbye faithful shoes. They've probably walked 600+ miles in NZ alone, plus I was tromping around Chicago in them for months before we left. Getting new shoes was a dumb list item to leave unattended. It wasn't until Art was cleaning my shoes one day (he does that!) and mentioned the hole worn through the heel that I noticed.

The new ones look far too crisp, so I broke them in a bit on a muddy walk today. I walked right out of the store in these, happily depositing the old ones in the bin.

Bookstore next. Here's a mystery set in Marlborough wine country.

I got this one. Anyone read it?

We are knackered after all our stops. A flat white will propel us back to the car.

Only sorry to not be visiting more Dunedin galleries, gardens, and other spots, but today was rainy and not conducive to wandering.

Consultancy House...
The building was constructed in 1908–10 by American-influenced New Zealand architects Sidney and Alfred Luttrell and is an amalgam of Chicago skyscraper design and Edwardian architecture.

Everything on the list ticked off, we felt lucky to have had a day in a city that feels like its thriving.

 Lamb shanks for dinner

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