Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weather Or Not We're Together

Weather reports here are like those in the US. Kind of scream-y, though we never underestimate road conditions towing a caravan. We awoke yesterday to an inch or so of hail/ice/snow on the ground and nixed our plans to drive to the Otago Peninsula.

The road north out of Dunedin was closed completely because it's a giant downhill slope. There's a reason for everything. We enjoyed the day cooking, reading, and sipping hot chocolate.

This morning the snow was gone and in a light rain as we connected caravan to Rover discovered we hadn't after all fixed an electrical problem that cocks up the brake lights and directionals. We got half of them working and drove to the RV fix-it place, where we found a work backlog. Appointment for 9 am tomorrow though.

So we're at a new campground tonight not far from the fix-it place, great showers of rain swooping in periodically. Time for my version of an in-camper flat white (Jed's instant coffee + cream). It's not a bad substitute. 

I usually pretend my design is intentional. What is this one?, Art asked. The Larsen C ice shelf floating free.

While we were sleeping, the trillion-ton Larsen C ice shelf calved. Being so close to Antarctica in NZ, you might think this would affect sea levels. Here's an explanation we can all relate to:

But while the birth of the huge iceberg might look dramatic, experts say it will not itself result in sea level rises. “It’s like your ice cube in your gin and tonic – it is already floating and if it melts it doesn’t change the volume of water in the glass by very much at all,” said Hogg.

Here's a good story on what it all means from Nat Geo.

And from PBS...

Stir fry in process for dinner. Every day's a good day.

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